How Can Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard Help You In Your B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is of course not something new. Since marketing exists, there has been a distinction between marketing for businesses and marketing for consumers. The issue is what happens in the digital age. Traditional advertising no longer has the effect it once had. So, the goal is to be able to run a B2B marketing campaign while adapting to online requirements.

Many strategies can be used, just like in B2C marketing. The question is which of these are effective and how exactly they should be used when addressing businesses. This is an extremely demanding process full of challenges.

How should digital marketing be done for a B2B business around your Dedicated SEO Dashboard? In the following article, we will briefly see everything you need to know.

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B initials come from the English words Business to Business and mean the sale of products and services from one business to another. In addition to B2B, there is B2C which means Business to Consumer, i.e. a business that is active in selling products and services to consumers.

A business can be both B2B and B2C. For example, an e-shop with medical equipment that sells consumables to doctors and hospitals, but also diagnostic devices, such as sphygmomanometers and thermometers, to consumers.

But always, one of the first steps in any marketing strategy is to create the profile of the ideal buyer. Only then will we know what strategy to follow, depending on the characteristics of the customer we are targeting.

This is the reason why there is a distinction between B2B and B2C marketing. So that we can specialize our movements and have a specific plan with the methodology that suits each case.

How is B2B different from B2C Marketing?

B2B requires a special approach, very different from B2C, as the prospect is a businessman and therefore operates differently from the consumer.

It is very different to turn an individual consumer into a customer than to turn a business into a customer. In this light, the way and the communication channels are different in the two types of marketing.

On the one hand, B2C marketing aims to sell fast, with strategies that use emotion and are not necessarily personalized.

B2B marketing, on the other hand, aims to build long-term relationships. The prospective customer, ie the company, looks for it long before buying something, does its research and looks for the expert in every field. That is why it is especially important for marketing to be based on the provision of knowledge and the creation of a profile that highlights expertise.

Relationships of trust and financial incentives related to return on investment (ROI) should be at the core of any digital marketing strategy for B2B.

What are the digital strategies of B2B marketing?

But how does all this apply to the various B2B marketing strategies?

SEO with your Dedicated SEO Dashboard

As businesses do extensive research before buying something, SEO is one of the most powerful weapons in B2B marketing.

Quite simply, the prospective buyer will be looking to find their partner online. The chances of finding him increase dramatically if he appears in the first places of Google organic results. This is where SEO makes the difference.

The on-page SEO will optimize the site that is excellent both technically and aesthetically in Google's eyes. This includes images, titles, meta-descriptions and technical issues, such as loading speed, to create an attractive site that provides the best user experience.

The off-page SEO aims to enhance the validity of the site, which is a key factor in Google ranking. This is done by creating backlinks from authority sites in conjunction with content marketing, as will be discussed below.

One of the key points in SEO for B2B is meticulous keyword research. An essential difference compared to B2C is that the targeting is done on specialized keywords, since the user of the business that is looking for something, usually searches for it with great specialization and whole phrases (long-tail keywords).

Such keywords may have a lower volume of searches than the more general ones, but they show a user buying intention. Therefore, they increase the conversion rate and ultimately the profits.

As an SEO agency, we offer you solutions for the promotion of SEO websites, through proven techniques in the B2B sector: The Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

How the Dedicated SEO Dashboard can help you in your B2B marketing

SEO or search engine optimization is still the essential method of attracting visitors to your site. That is why if you haven't made efforts to promote your primary website yet, it is the right time to start.

Top reasons to invest in your primary website promotion:
  • A domain is not new and has rankings in Google TOP.
  • There is a certain number of backlinks that point to a website.
  • The unique and valuable content is already published on a website.
  • These factors will significantly contribute to a home or landing page rankings growth.

Develop a conversion funnel for your Dedicated SEO Dashboard

The goal of this conversion funnel is to make a client leave a request. Let's see how to accomplish it:
  • Stage 1: Attract leads to your website.
  • Stage 2: Implement sales encouraging triggers.
  • Stage 3: Show your leads their weak points and offer the solution.
  • Stage 4: Client request.
On the final stage of the conversion funnel, your prospective client should send you a request for a free SEO consultation, request a callback, etc. With the help of a contact form, users will send you the requests directly through the SEO Dashboard. All client requests are available in your DSD Admin Panel and will be duplicated on your email.

PPC: Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click, i.e. digital advertising on various media, such as social media and Google, is a key component of a B2B business online presence.

But to do it right, you need to build on a sophisticated website with a flawless user experience, which can turn visitors into customers and help build a stable business-to-customer relationship.

This of course is a prerequisite for any B2B marketing strategy, since as we said before the prospective business company attaches great importance to expertise. This can not be externalized without a modern website that will reveal the prestige of the company and thus reach customers with claims.

Beyond that, as in any form of advertising, creating the ideal buyer profile based on various information is crucial. Here not only demographic data play a role, but also the deep knowledge of the prospective buyer.

The marketing team should know what their needs are, what their fears are and what solutions will help them in their problem.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another one of the main channels of brand promotion and communication with the target group. It's essential to building a successful email list in 2021, as email marketing continues to bring results to B2B sales.

Sending a newsletter by email is a familiar practice in any business. The goal of such actions is to present logical arguments that will attract the prospective customer, with an emphasis on the high ROI (return on investment) provided by the product or service.

Use your Dedicated SEO Dashboard for leading a fruitful email marketing campaign. With the Report Center, you will easily set up one-time or recurring report delivery to your prospective clients' emails.

Social media marketing

We may have social media in mind to a large extent as part of B2C marketing, but that does not exclude them from B2B marketing.

Of course, in B2B marketing the leads that will come from social media, will not be as many as from other strategies. The goal, after all, is mainly to build the brand and create a business profile, located next to its target group.

The strengthening of the recognition and enhancement of expertise can work indirectly to increase traffic and sales, but also form the basis upon which is built the whole digital marketing a B2B business.

LinkedIn is one of the social media that can be used in extremely social media marketing for B2B. Its dynamics are huge. It has a long future and the competition in this medium is still manageable.

When you're searching for the required posts on Linkedin, you may use the same keywords and hashtags you use for Facebook and Twitter. Comment on posts when you see you can help users to answer their questions. Don't forget to add a link to your Dedicated SEO Dashboard if needed.

You will find a detailed guide on how to attract leads from social media channels in our article devoted to tips on how to promote DSD.

Content marketing

Content marketing is not a separate channel, but a tool that can be used in all of the above strategies.

The logic is that we provide our buying audience with useful content depending on what they are looking for. In an age where direct advertising is becoming less and less effective, the relationship with the public can be built on mutual benefit.

In simple words, you offer them information and information with rich content and they discover you, come to you, trust you and eventually become your customers.

The authority of a business is a very important element in B2B marketing. This authority can only be structured if you prove that you really have it and reveal it to your target group. This way, you will not chase the user, but he will come to you.

The content of a B2B business can be promoted in various forms. Some of the most common are e-books, webinars, case studies, informative videos and epic blog articles.

The content of these content assets is mostly educational and less entertaining, as would be the case in B2C marketing. After all, our goal is not to entertain potential customers, to make them have a good time and to make the purchase based on emotion.

Our goal is to highlight our knowledge, to show our audience that we are by his side in his problems and that thanks to our experience we can give him the solutions he is looking for.

Creating a blog on the website and a YouTube channel to promote this content are steps we suggest you take to increase the impact of your content marketing strategy.

Learn more about content marketing through the Semalt blog's Content Marketing Survival Guide.


B2B marketing is very demanding because very simply, the potential customer is a business. If he/she is willing to make a big investment, he/she demands to have a more thorough and substantial contact.

Every strategy in digital marketing must be built around your Dedicated SEO Dashboard, with very good research and careful targeting to the public.

Contact us and learn more about the strategy we follow in digital marketing for B2B companies.